The Future of Business

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we held our breath for months, waiting for signs to start making plans again. The truth, however, is that if we expect to return to running our businesses as we did before January 2020, we'd likely... Read More

Smida Jazz Festival

Smida can be most beautifully discovered when jazz takes shape in this land. Here, for 3 days, you not only exist, but you live. You live everything: waking up in the campsite and walking barefoot on the grass; looking at (really look at) the sunrise and the sunset; Read More

Smida Park

Located in a long-forgotten land in the Apuseni Mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, pollution or stress, Smida Park offers an unforgettable experience, wonderful views and a multitude of outdoor activities that you can never get enough of. Read More

Transylvania International Film Festival

TIFF is proposing a special edition this year, between 31 July and 9 August 2020, with many outdoor screenings and a program adapted to the restrictive context imposed by the authorities. Read More