Smida Jazz Festival

Smida can be most beautifully discovered when jazz takes shape in this land. Here, for 3 days, you not only exist, but you live. You live everything: waking up in the campsite and walking barefoot on the grass; looking at (really look at) the sunrise and the sunset; walking the streets of the village, as in our childhood, bathing in the lake; exploring a cave; wandering through the forest; painting a ceramic vessel or a piece of wood; playing crazy instruments, free dancing in front of the stage, because this smidian jazz invites you to dance; reading in your mind in a hammock under the shade of a fir tree or reading aloud at a public reading / reading club… and many more, all under the sign of exploration. Unfortunately, but at the same time calm that we made the right decision, given the epidemiological and legislative context, we decided to postpone the 5th edition of Smida Jazz Festival for August 2021.

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