The Future of Business

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we held our breath for months, waiting for signs to start making plans again.

The truth, however, is that if we expect to return to running our businesses as we did before January 2020, we'd likely be disappointed. Because, like it or not, we know that life means change: changing how we manage, how we use technology and how we network. And the people who embrace change the fastest are the ones who are likely to have the bigger winnings.

For Navy SEAL candidates, for example, go through six months of one of the most challenging training regimens in the world. A period that is all capped off by Hell Week, when only about 25 percent of them finish. Navy SEAL instructors are clear about how candidates last until the end of their training. Those who finish make it through hell only because they decide they're going to make it, they don't hope!

And so, during this difficult period, business owners can help themselves a lot, by learning to do the same. As most people hate change, but some see it as an opportunity to grow rapidly, improve exponentially, and overtake the competition.

No one knows how things will shape up in the post-pandemic world even if a lot of experts have been analyzing developments in their industries, in order to determine what tomorrow might be like. But one thing is sure. It's time to stop mourning over what our businesses have lost and start the hard work of regaining control in our sector. Because tomorrow will belong to those who have access to relevant information and who chose to act on it.

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